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Downloads ~ Software

This page allows you to access a range of free software downloads.
    Circuit Wizard 3.5 Demonstration

Download a free demonstration of our Circuit Wizard 3.5 software.

    GENIE Programming Editor

Download the free GENIE Programming Editor software.

GENIE Programming Editor
    GENIE Resources and Information

For detailed information on the GENIE hardware, choose an area below:

Click here to see classroom worksheets for our GENIE boards and kits.
Click here to see technical information on our GENIE microcontrollers.
Note that the classroom worksheets and information are provided in Adobe PDF format. External Link Click for more details.
    GENIE USB Plug & Play Cable Driver

The following guide provides assistance on using a GENIE USB Plug & Play Cable.

Click here for help on getting your cable ready to use.

Below are the device driver downloads. These come in two forms: the first provides an automatic installation Wizard; the second, for more advanced users, is a compressed (.zip) archive containing the raw Microsoft Windows driver files.

Note that the device drivers provided here will not work with third-party cables.

Download the GENIE Driver Installation Wizard.
Download the files required for manual installation.
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