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GENIE Programming Editor

GENIE Programming Editor is our free software for creating and downloading programs onto a programmable GENIE, supporting both graphical flowcharts and a more powerful text-based BASIC programming language.

For those teachers or pupils without prior knowledge of programming or electronics that are looking for more assistance, we suggest our Circuit Wizard 3 software, with its in-built classroom resources and support for designing, modelling and making.

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version 2.1  

To learn how to download the free GENIE Programming Editor software, click on the Select button below.

GENIE Programming Editor
    Questions and Answers

You will find below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the GENIE Programming Editor software.

Q.   Does the GENIE Programming Editor replace GENIE Design Studio?
A.   Yes. GENIE Design Studio is our older free programming software. The GENIE Programming Editor is essentially version 2 of that software.
Q.   How can I update my existing GENIE programming software?
A.   Click here for information on updating your existing GENIE Design Studio or GENIE Programming Editor software to the latest version.
Q.   What new features are in this version?
A.   The new GENIE Programming Editor supports our latest (version 2) GENIE microcontrollers. It also includes GENIE BASIC programming in addition to the existing graphical flowchart programming.
Q.   Does the GENIE Programming Editor allow me to model my GENIE circuits or help with the design of my project?
A.   No. For designing, modelling and support for CAD/CAM output, you will need Circuit Wizard 3 instead. Circuit Wizard 3 also includes a Resource Centre that provides comprehensive resources for including GENIE within your projects.
Q.   What computer do I need to run the GENIE Programming Editor?
A.   You will need a PC with an x86 processor and Microsoft Windows XP or later.
Q.   Is it true that the GENIE Programming Editor is free to use?
A.   Yes. The GENIE Programming Editor is completely free for educational use at home, school or college. It also supports network installation (pdf link).
Q.   What about commercial use?
A.   The GENIE Programming Editor software is strictly licensed for non-commercial use only. You may not use the software for retail or commercial gain.
Q.   Where can I purchase the GENIE range of hardware?
A. To see how to order GENIE parts, please visit our Sales page.
Q.   Can I use my existing PICAXE® serial cable, USB cable or circuits?
A. Yes, GENIE is fully compatible with your existing PICAXE® cables (though note that you will need to use the PICAXE® cable's device driver). Also, since GENIE microcontrollers are pin compatible with PICAXE® microcontrollers, you can make use of your existing circuit and PCB layout designs.
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