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Circuit Wizard 3.5

Circuit Wizard 3.5 is the latest version of our fully-featured electronics, CAD/CAM, circuit simulation and programming software for schools and colleges.

To learn more about how Circuit Wizard 3.5 simplifies the process of embedding control into your projects, we recommend going through our guides to designing, programming, modelling and making.

Contact us to request a direct price quotation. UK and Ireland only; for other regions, please click here to find your local distributor.
    New Features

The new Circuit Wizard 3.5 software features the following notable improvements:

  Full support for Microsoft Windows® 10.
  New panel design system, incorporating a suite of powerful CAD/CAM tools.
  Enhanced library of components that include the built-in intelligence to operate seamlessly with the new panel design system.
  New Resource Centre, a built-in library of comprehensive GENIE teaching resources tailored towards those new to electronics and programming.
  Support for the design, simulation and programming of the latest (version 2) GENIE microcontrollers. Includes new programming commands.
  New GENIE 08 Light Kit and GENIE 14 Audio Kit simulations.
  New GENIE Cuddly Creatures and GENIE Rock Star projects.
  Improved audio quality for more realistic GENIE sound effects.
  New 16-channel MIDI and Music Centre for high quality GENIE music.
For detailed information on the Circuit Wizard software, including its circuit design, PCB layout and simulation tools, click External Link here (please note that this link will take you to our website).
    Demonstration Software
version 3.5  

To learn how to download a free demonstration version of our Circuit Wizard 3 education software, click on the Select button below.

    Questions and Answers

You will find below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the Circuit Wizard 3 software.

Q.   Where can I purchase Circuit Wizard 3 or the GENIE hardware?
A.   To see how to order our software or hardware, please visit our Sales page.
Q.   How can I update my existing Circuit Wizard 3 software?
A.   Click here for information on updating your existing Circuit Wizard 3 software to the latest version.
Q.   How does your licensing work for Circuit Wizard 3?
A.   Single-user licenses allow the software to be used on one computer. Multi-user licenses (5 users or more) allow the software to be installed on the number of computers specified by the license. The version of the software that is supplied to schools and colleges is known as the Circuit Wizard 3 Education Edition.
Q.   May teachers use Circuit Wizard 3 at home?
A.   Yes. A teacher may use Circuit Wizard 3 at home so long as the teacher is employed by the licensed institution.
Q.   Are students allow you use Circuit Wizard 3 at home?
A.   Students are not permitted to use Circuit Wizard 3 at home unless the institution where the student is studying has purchased a Student Edition.
Q.   What is the Circuit Wizard 3 Student Edition?
A.   It is a special non-output version that can be used at home. Students can save their work for output back at their school or college (via the Education Edition). Note that the Student Edition is not licensed for use within a school or college.
Q.   What computer do I need to run Circuit Wizard 3?
A.   You will need a PC with an x86 processor and Microsoft Windows XP or later and 100 MB of free hard disk space.
Q.   How will the software be supplied?
A.   By electronic download. After purchasing you will be sent information that explains how you can download and install the software.
Q.   Can I install Circuit Wizard 3 on a network?
A.   Yes, so long as you have purchased a multi-user Circuit Wizard 3 Education Edition license and the number of concurrent users of the software does not exceed the number of computers specified by the terms of that license. For details on network deployment, see our network installation guide (pdf link).
Q.   Is Circuit Wizard 3 licensed for commercial use?
A. No. Circuit Wizard 3 is strictly licensed for non-commercial use only. You may not use the software for retail or commercial gain. Click External Link here for information on the Standard/Professional version of Circuit Wizard.
Q.   Can I use my existing PICAXE® serial cable, USB cable or circuits?
A. Yes, GENIE is fully compatible with your existing PICAXE® cables (though note that you will need to use the PICAXE® cable's device driver). Also, since GENIE microcontrollers are pin compatible with PICAXE® microcontrollers, you can make use of your existing circuit and PCB layout designs.
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